Healthy And Tasty Meals For Camping – Number 3 Is My All-Time Favorite

Camping doesn’t automatically mean forgoing all your healthy meals just because you’re going to prepare your food in the wilderness. There are still plenty of ways to come up with tasty and healthy meals despite limited resources. All you need is to learn how to improvise and work with what you have. You also need to prepare in advance so that you won’t miss any crucial ingredients or equipment.

Here are a few easy camping recipes you can try out.

Avo-Bacon-Egg Sandwich

This is an easy breakfast meal that you can try out. It’s also a healthy option because of the protein and carb sources. Simply fry the bacon strips in a cast-iron pan over a camping fire. Warm the slices of bread in the same pan. Scoop out half of a small avocado and then mash it over one side of the toasted bread.

A close up of shrimp on a plate

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