Guide For Yurt Camping: Where Should You Rent Your Yurt?

Guide For Yurt Camping: Where Should You Rent Your Yurt?

Looking for the best guide for Yurt Camping? There are a lot of great things about this type of camping trip, and one of them is that you can have a small cabin type home when it’s time to pack up and leave. Also, you’ll have tons of options in terms of location.

So how do you choose the right place for your Yurt? Here are some helpful tips for finding the perfect place to rent.


Plan on using your Yurt as your main home for the whole month of camping. The smaller units are designed for longer stays, but if you plan on staying a few days you can opt for the big ones. These are popular in places where the weather is good and where there is room for the tents. Usually, large Yurts sell out fast, so it is better to purchase one than to try to get a reservation.

Guide For Yurt Camping:  Where Should You Rent Your Yurt?
Guide For Yurt Camping: Where Should You Rent Your Yurt?

If you prefer good weather and shorter stays, then a smaller unit is not for you. You can still use them to be a temporary home, but it will be difficult to get a decent one. If you are planning on spending the whole time in your Yurt, then a full-size tent is the best option.

A lot of people don’t like sleeping in their Yurt since they feel it is not cozy. However, there are several ways to fix this problem and one of them is by purchasing some artificial coverings.

Cooler Bags: Yurt Camping

Remember that a Yurt can serve as a trailer, which means that you can store your cooler bags in the units. In case you want to sleep in your Yurt during the rainy season, then this will make it easier for you since you can easily move your cooler bags.

What’s more, you can use the Yurt to store your gear when you are not using it. This can make the best location for storing all of your camping equipment and everything else that you need to bring with you. You can take the storage spaces with you and use it even if you decide to take your equipment with you in the daytime.

A Yurt does not have windows. Therefore, you can have a comfortable sleeping experience even without the use of any window. And even if you want to try to sleep outside, you can bring your tent and the necessary cushions for your comfort.

Camping Tents: Yurt Camping

Camping tents come in all sizes, but they are also available in different materials. Most of them are designed to withstand strong winds, but there are some that are designed specifically for camping. You can buy heavier models in these kinds of tents.

Guide For Yurt Camping: Where Should You Rent Your Yurt?
Guide For Yurt Camping: Where Should You Rent Your Yurt?

Ventilation is also important, and you can buy some accessories that will help you stay healthy. Remember that these are made especially for camping, so they are probably going to have air ventilation holes.

If you are using a Yurt during the summer heat, remember that you are more prone to heatstroke than someone who sleeps in a regular tent. It is suggested that you bring lots of materials for sleeping, which is why you should take advantage of the interior design of your Yurt.


When you rent a Yurt, you can go camping and you won’t be bothered by bugs, mosquitoes, and all the other pests that come in your normal tent. In addition, you will have a lovely place for you to sleep that has excellent ventilation.

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