Camping Bled: Explore Beautiful Scenery

Camping Bled

Camping Bled – formerly known as Cheddar – is the perfect base for a relaxing day out in the countryside. Located at the far end of Lake Bled, Camping Bled has many beautiful scenery options to explore, including wooded mountainside coves and bays, stunning lakeside towns, secluded coves, and cliffs. Camping at Bled offers something for everyone – from family holidays, stag weekends or romantic breaks.

Main Camping Grounds

Camping at Camping Bled consists of camping on wild pitches on the lake’s banks, alongside the promenade and along the shoreline. The beaches here are short, just minutes from the main camping grounds, and have a tiny public beach close to the promenade.

Explore Beautiful Scenery
Camping Bled: Explore Beautiful Scenery

Cheddar Valley: Camping Bled

The woodland provides a relaxing base, with views over the Cheddar valley and the local nature reserve. Pitches are generally marked, separated by trees, and often used mostly for overnight stays. If you plan your stay for longer than just a night, consider booking a cottage or private site with a large view of the countryside. This way, you will have all the privacy that you want and can spend more time on your own in the open air.

Popular With Hikers

Camping at Bled is popular with hikers who want to try out the various peaks on their itinerary. A popular peak is Wissock’s Peak, with its easy access. It is one of the few peaks that provide a direct route up to the summit and provides a great view across the Cheddar valley and the surrounding countryside. A well-established path to the top takes less than half an hour, and a hike up to Wissock’s Peak is ideal for those interested in hiking.

Most Popular Routes: Camping Bled

Wissock’s peak provides some excellent views of the surrounding Cheddar valley and offers many different routes. The most popular route takes the path over the forested valley to Wissock’s Cove. From here, the path climbs up to the top, passing some stunning views. Another popular route follows the promenade’s crest and then follows along the coast to reach Wissock’s Beach, where there are excellent views over the Cheddar Valley and beyond. A popular route to the top includes hiking along the promenade and a long climb onto the summit, following the promenade’s crest again before turning onto the summit.

Different Route Back Down

A third popular route is to hike to cross the Wissock’s Cove and climb the mountain from the lower end. Following the path around the corner of the beach, you’ll soon reach the top of the peak where the path crosses a stream. The climb continues along the rocky ridge above the beach until reaching a fork, from which you’ll climb up another steep ramp to reach the summit. It’s possible to descend this same ramp to the beach and then return to the water, taking a different route back down to the beach. You’ll still enjoy a breathtaking view from the same overlook as you descend, with the water from which you’ve descended flowing past on either side.

Good Choice Of Hiking: Camping Bled

Each of these three routes is a good choice for hiking, but it’s worth checking out the peak to see the sheer views. This is especially true if you’re looking for a challenging climb. Some hikers come prepared with a map and guide, with plenty of waterproof matches to give them the edge they need to conquer the steep slopes. Or slippery rocks. Other visitors may not know the area well enough to choose to hike the mountain without a guide.

Main Camping Grounds

Final Words

Camping Bled is one of the most popular places to visit for hiking holidays, so you’ll be spoilt when choosing a place to spend the night. All it requires is a bit of planning and a good night’s sleep – and that’s about it.

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