Know About Basic Bushcraft Camping Equipments

Know About Basic Bushcraft Camping Equipments

Outdoor camping is an adventures experience, and for a rough one, you need to be prepared for many risks. Bushcraft is one of the skills that will help you with a raw and adventurous trip. Bushcraft is a skill to use natural resources for making your outdoor camping safe, efficient and secure. Learning this skill will help you in surviving in the forest area with fewer facilities. It will also help you to be self-dependent in such areas.

Living in the woods is not easy, but many adventure loving people love to spend some time in the forest area. At popular outdoor camping areas, you will quickly get some necessary facilities like washroom, fire and these places are safe too. But when you plan a trip to the forest, then you need to be extra careful about your safety, and you must know how to survive with less equipment. In this, we will introduce some essential Bushcraft camping equipment that you would need to spend some time in the mid of the forest.

Basic Bushcraft Camping Equipments

The scope of learning Bushcraft skills is very vast. If you want to understand how these skills will help you during your outdoor camping, then you should watch an episode of ‘Man vs Wild’. Don’t scare the skills won’t teach you to eat anything you find in Forest but they will show you how to survive in a difficult situation. So, let’s know more about the essential Bushcraft camping equipment.

Know About Basic Bushcraft Camping Equipments
Know About Basic Bushcraft Camping Equipments

Shelter Kit

To have rest during your camping, you would need a sleeping bag, mat and a trap under which you can take some rest. All these essential items will get covered under a shelter kit. To chose one for you always prefer a light weighted kit because it will be easy to carry. To make you outdoor camping ore adventures pick trap over the tent. You can tide all the four corners the trap and spend a night under this.

Cooking Kit    

In the mid of the forest when you will be enjoying your outdoor adventure trip, you would need food. And you cannot eat just anything available in the woods, so it’s essential to carry a cooking kit with you. You can bring Billy can with you, which is massive but best for this work. Carry some extra water with you and also keep water purifier like Pre-Mac MWP. In utensils, only a spoon will be sufficient as you cannot carry your entire kitchen to an outdoor trip.

Know About Basic Bushcraft Camping Equipments
Know About Basic Bushcraft Camping Equipments

Hygiene Kit

Carry one toilet kit and one wash kit with toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitizer and shaving razor in it.  

Other Bushcraft Equipment

Now let’s know about the other small but essential equipment that you would need in Bushcraft camping. Make a list of all the things mentioned in this section and put a mark in front of them one by one after placing them in your bag;

  • First Aid Box
  • Head torch
  • Axe
  • Bushcraft Knife
  • Swedish FiresteelMap and map case
  • Binoculars
  • Compass
  • Notebook or Diary
  • Nylon Rope

Along with the mentioned items keep matched, cigarette lighter, plastic bags with you.  

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