Best Must Know Camping Trip Meals Ideas

camping trip meals

In our recipes catalog, we have looked for our favorite, fast, and straightforward camping meals. The below recipes use one piece of cookware (pot, pan, foil-packet, pie iron, etc.), are packed with quick-cooking ingredients, and provide things that can be cooked ahead of time at your campsite to save time!

Scrambled Eggs

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Many scrambled eggs are lifeless and disappointed. Particularly the eggs made during camping. But if you perfect this exquisite formula, your award would be cloud-like eggs.

We will usually use plain, unsalted stick butter, but not everyone has a more relaxed or refrigerator that fit ‘extras’ such as butter. Cultured buttermilk can do what we need, so use it instead if you can bring stick butter. As you can see, we have mentioned only three ingredients without quantities. This is because it depends on how much you do. You need one tbsp of water and butter each.

New Hot Dogs

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This is a unique take on the hot dog in the old style. These do have the same old Hot Dog taste so that the kids can love them, but now they have a few good flavor and encouragement because adults also love them. Create all the ingredients, and combine them in a bowl, save the gutted hot dog buns. Lay any Hot Dog bun on its tin foil tray. Cover the Buns with the paste and attach the tin film to secure the whole thing. You should grill them for about 20 minutes over a flame. Or you can bring it in coals thoroughly and cook it for 15 minutes.


Sure, before you go to the campsite, you could make granola at home. But if you plan granola and fire, you instill it with delicious qualities, which add flavor, aroma, and texture. Get a fair and hot cast iron skillet. Add the nuts and toss them. It’s a good idea to take the pot off the fire while you throw it around to ensure that you don’t burn it. After they have a pleasant smell of nutty, you can add the rolling oats. Cook over the fire slowly until it is brown and nutty. Recover the heat from the pan and add the Vegetable Oil and Maple Syrup. You may want more or less syrup, depending on the consistency you want. Mix it and place it in a tub until it’s thoroughly combined.

Grilled Corn

It’s too quick to grill maize in the husks. You don’t have to strip the silk and attach the husk until you cook. Boil, barbecue, and apply your favorite butter.

Sweet Potato Fries

Clean and dry the Sweet Potatoes. Split them into longitudinal stripes on either side about 1/3 an inch across to appear like fried food. The main thing is that they are standardized such that they can simultaneously cook. If you want to make a crispier fry, and you’ve got the opportunity, soak the fries in water for up to 30 minutes and rinse for one hour before starting. If not, they’re still going to be delicious.

Summing Up

That’s all for now. We hope you have liked this list of fantastic food recipes you can try at your camping site. If you have some fresh and new camping site meal ideas, you can share them with us in the comment box below.

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