8 Survival Camping Tips For A Safe Vacation

Survival Camping Tips

Nothing can beat the joy of a week camping far from the hustle-bustle of life. Far from human residence, you must always hope for the best and don’t forget to prepare for the worst in the wild. Here are some of the survival camping trips for your worst-case scenarios. Surviving in the woods, mountains, or other environments can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a well-developed set of outdoor survival skills. Serious campers know to prepare for unexpected emergencies, and the post gives you eight camping survival tips and necessary skills to survive any mishappenings.

Skills For Survival Camping Tips

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Following are the list of skill you should know to survive on the wild in various situations:


Identifying Potentially Dangerous Plants

Catching Fish and Small Animals

Finding and Purifying Water

Building a Fire Without Matches

Finding Shelter in Any Environment

Finding Firewood

Survival Camping Tips To Keep You Safe During Any Catastrophe

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Make A Stove From A Beer Can

Use a beer can of about 350 ml to make an emergency stove. It can boil up to 5-6 minutes. This camping survival requires only a can of beer, a knife, and some courage.

Disposable Ground Tarp

You can use your old shower curtain as a disposable ground tarp to protect yourself.

Place it under your tent to keep the floor dry overnight, throw it out the next morning.

Get Yourself A Hobo Knife

Keeping a pocket-friendly sharp knife is a vital camping survival tip.

Tea-Tree Oil For Ticks

This is a saviour camping survival tip, just mix up about 50 drops of tea tree oil with around 30 ml of water and spray it on. It will smell amazing.

Create Coffee Packets

Creating coffee packets is a lot easier than you think. You need to tie your favourite coffee grounds in a filter, secure it with dental floss or string, and throw it in a mug full of hot water you just boiled in that empty beer can.

Rope And A Tarp Hack

The combo of tarp and rope can give you many survival tips. You can make anything out of it during emergencies like warm, dry shelter, securing stuff.

Emergency Rain Shelter Using a Tarp

This camping survival tip is to save you from unexpected rain. Stake one corner of the tarp towards the wind. Support a pole under the opposite corner, then fasten a line from the bar’s top to any ground stake or branch, or tree. Now drag the remaining two corners tight and stake them to the land. It results in a half-pyramid shape that provides excellent drainage and stands up well to high winds.

Duct Tape To Keep Your Boots Tied

This camping survival tip will save you a lot of time. Keep bootlaces from becoming untied when you’re walking through the forest and clinging vines by winding them once around the boot top and tie them with a tight square knot at the back. You can also fold the tops of your socks down over the knots and secure them with a wrap of duct tape.


Of course, you need to know camping survival tips as with everything in life, there’s a chance that things can go wrong during your trip.

Above camping survival tips will help you to be well-prepared for unexpected situations at your campsite or campground. Remember, what makes camping such a great experience is that you’re there to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer. That’s why you also have to be proactive and limit the risks.

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